St. M - Words from the Soul, Psalm, Marian Stewart

WEEKLY REFLECTION | Fifth Sunday of Easter, May 7, 2023

ALLELUIA! Christ is risen!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

During Lent and the earliest part of Easter, a group of people from St. Margaret’s and a few other parishes met weekly for a class called “Words from the Soul” which explored some of the types of psalms. As a way of experiencing the power of the Psalms, participants were encouraged to write a psalm in that format, based on their own lives. The results were wonderful! Touching, insightful, lovely. They have given me permission to share some of their psalms with you. Here is the first kind, inspired by Psalm 8, a psalm of praise.

Holy and mighty Elohim,

praises to you, father of the world.

I stood on the rim of a vast chasm,

the farther rim miles away.

The river carved a mile deep canyon,

the ends hundreds of miles away.

The cliffs lay bare the story

of the forces you, Elohim,

set free in the creation of the world.

I saw the layers of seas, flooding

and ebbing, leaving imprints of occupants


Other layers, multi-hued, speak of

upheavals, eruptions, doomed plants and


Who are we, to have been made in your image,

above other creatures, with free will,

to be given dominion over such beauty!

Holy and mighty, we give thanks to you,

and praise your name, Elohim, forever.

By Marian Stewart


We are so grateful for all the wonder we see and share.  More to come!


Mo. Laura+