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WEEKLY REFLECTION | February 25, 2024 – Second Sunday of Lent B

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Last week, I confessed that I was feeling down in the dumps because there is so much difficulty and, frankly, EVIL in the world. It did not help that earlier this week, it was announced that Aleksei Navalny, the Russian reformer, had been killed by the Russian government in a Siberian penal colony. And that the government of Israel was sending troops into one of the last refuges of the Palestinians in southern Gaza.

I loved it that on Sunday, in the Great Litany (BCP, pg. 148) we prayed, “That it may please thee (God) to make wars to cease in all the world.” And “That it may please thee … finally to beat down Satan under our feet.” OK. Apparently I still hadn’t gotten completely out of my “smiting” mood. Asking God to smite Satan seemed like a good use for that energy.

But this morning, my in-box yielded a wonderful bit of news that has me bouncing in my seat! reported that ten local farmers have joined the Lehigh Valley Food System Coalition, to provide sustainable food for folks around the Valley suffering from food insecurity. After working with a large, center-city Bethlehem Soup Kitchen for 20-some years (Deacon Liz was there for 34 years!), you can bet this excited me! Even more exciting is the list of farms participating—several of which have St. Margaret’s/Emmaus
connections!! Willow Haven Farm runs the CSA that I have belonged to for several years. Priomordia Farm is owned by parishioner Doreen’s daughter, and provided us with an amazing huge mushroom basket for our Basket Social. Blackbird Farms and The Seed Farm in Emmaus are also part of the group.

It appears that the Great Litany petition “That it may please thee to give and preserve to our use the bountiful fruits of the earth, so that in due time all may enjoy them,” is being heard. So that ALL may enjoy them! We at St. Margaret’s know what it means to families who cannot feed their children and themselves.

Read more about this helpful, compassionate and holy effort at this link. And support them and the agencies making it happen!

Mo. Laura+

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