St. Margaret’s First Virtual Worship Service

Virtual Sunday Service

Sunday 9.13.20 @ 9:00 AM

Dear St. Margaret’s Family,

Mother Laura, the Vestry and I invite you to tune in to a recorded service of Holy Eucharist tomorrow from St. Margaret’s Sanctuary. (Sunday at 9:00 AM)

Our Director of Music, Julius Sarkozy, has been instrumental in making this a reality by handling the recording of the video and audio and uploading it to YouTube.  As well as the music!

The link is here (see below) and if 9:00 tomorrow morning is not convenient for you, the link may be accessed at any time.  Also, many thanks to our Webmaster, Jessica Stubits for posting this on the website and FaceBook page.

Just click the link at 9:00 AM or anytime afterwards.