Winter Weather Notice


Dear friends,

Winter will soon be upon us and when that happens, Mo. Nature begins to have different ideas about what people should and should not do.

Please understand that no one, including God, expects you to jeopardize yourself, or anyone else. We would MUCH rather you be safe, so you can come back to church next week. (Besides, I live at the bottom of a steep incline and probably won’t be able to get out, either.)

If we need to cancel, there are several ways we’ll let you know.

  1. We’ll send everyone an email (so be sure your email is up to date!).
  2. We’ll post it on St. Margaret’s FaceBook page:
  3. We will submit it to the WFMZ weather closing list:

The happy thing is that many of us have gotten familiar with how to use technology like Zoom. If a meeting or service cannot happen at the church, we’ll move to zoom and welcome everyone to enjoy the warmth of the Spirit’s presence in the safety of their own rooms.


Mo. Laura+