St. Margaret's Chili Smackdown

WEEKLY REFLECTION | Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost, August 28, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This week, I want to share various bits and pieces of news with you and give you some things for your calendars.

First of all, last Tuesday evening, Vestry discussed the latest COVID-related guidelines from the CDC. Masking continues to be recommended for anyone experiencing symptoms; who has been exposed to someone with COVID; or with health-related concerns. But while it is recommended for safety indoors, it is no longer required. Therefore, St. Margaret’s no longer requires masking, although some of us may choose to do so. As respiratory patients, my husband and I certainly will. Please do continue to observe social distancing. We want to do our best to keep each other safe.

Lehigh and Northampton Counties are still in the medium or yellow range for COVID. Therefore, according to Diocesan guidelines, we will continue to receive communion with the Bread only. A reminder that although we miss having the Cup, we believe that receiving communion in one kind is complete communion.

Connie Allport has been working on a calendar for the fall. We are planning to list as many of our services and events on it as possible so you can always stay up to date. We will be posting it on the website and our Facebook page. I’ll send you the link as soon as we are live.  IF YOU HAVE ITEMS/EVENTS THAT SHOULD BE LISTED, please send them over to me so they can be included.

I have been here long enough for people to begin to imagine I am a mostly nice person. This is not true, and in order to disabuse you of that, I have decided to challenge the parish to The Great Chili-Lovers’ Smack-down. On Sunday, September 18, following the morning service, we will have a pot-luck picnic. The center-piece will be a chili contest. Bring your favoritest chili for people to sample. This will be a no-holds-barred, take-n0-prisoners chili contest. And you will get to vote on the BEST chili—other criteria still to be determined. Invitations and sign-ups will be going out soon.  So start planning: green chili, red chili, with beans, without meat, chicken chili, made with stout (really), with corn, with ????  We will also invite you to bring other side dishes to share, in the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event that some folks don’t like chili. (COULD IT BE????) (Brownies with ancho powder? Mmmmm.) Bring a friend. Bring multiple friends! Who doesn’t like chili?

Joy to you **all** as we **all** continue to worship and serve together! Mo. Laura+Joy to you **all** as we **all** continue to worship and serve together!

Mo. Laura+

Upcoming Events

Sunday, September 18 – The Great Chili-Lovers’ Smack-down | Potluck Picnic following morning service at St. Margaret’s, Emmaus PA

Wednesday, October 20 – Sunday October 23 – Icon Worship at St. Margaret’s, Emmaus PA