Church Announcements

WEEKLY REFLECTION | Proper 16A – August 27, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

And so, we come to the close of summer as many of our students and teachers head back to school. Here’s your Trivia Question #1 for the week: In which hymn does the phrase “Loud boiling test tubes” occur? Hint: contained in the Episcopal Hymnal 1982.

If you’re not sure, or you just can’t believe it could possibly be true, come on Sunday to see, when we’ll be singing it.

Trivia Question #2: What is a doumbek? Hint: NOT contained in the Hymnal. Also appearing this Sunday.

A bit of fun as we all prepare to re-enter the season of learning.

Mo. Laura+



  • We always need volunteers. It’s part of what keeps our church community connected and running smoothly. This time, we have an urgent need. Our sexton, Brian, has been in the hospital for a week. He’s home now, but he won’t be back on the job for a bit till he gathers his strength. Several of us are already on the job cleaning up and emptying the trash cans, but we need help with some vacuuming, swiffer-ing, and sorting out the restrooms. Can you help? If a bunch of us take on a piece of the job, it won’t be burdensome for anyone. Please be in touch with me or Connie.
  • I’ll be away next Wednesday and Thursday, officiating at a wedding for a colleague. If there are any pastoral care needs, please contact Kathy or Maggie, our wardens, and they’ll be in touch with Mo. Maria Tjeltveit for you. She is covering while I’m gone.
  • SAVE THE DATE: on September 17, we will be dedicating the new sidewalks and steps. We will also be saying farewell and godspeed to Deacon Jennifer, who will be joining the Cathedral staff. Come and celebrate!