WEEKLY REFLECTION | February 18, 2024 – First Sunday of Lent B

Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

Yes, I really do get down in the dumps from time to time. I get so discouraged at the cruelty in the world, the indifference to humans’ and nature’s needs, the lack of courtesy and kindness. I think about the story of Noah and how God decided to destroy people because of their wickedness. Sometimes I wonder why God hasn’t decided to destroy us? And then I think that maybe all God has to do is stand back and let us destroy each other and ourselves. Bad to start Lent, the season of repentance, in that mood, right?

I think it’s a good thing for us to get fed up sometimes, because it inspires us to take action, rather than sit around glooming that there is nothing anyone can do.  The Episcopal women’s order Daughters of the King have a wonderful motto:

I am but one, but I am one.
I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
What I can do, I ought to do.
What I ought to do, by the grace of God I will do.
Lord, what will you have me do?

We don’t have to do anything earth-shattering. We don’t have to feed all the hungry people in the state of Pennsylvania. But perhaps we could find a way to feed one family—or several. We don’t have to be the best friend and visitor for every homebound person in Lehigh County. But perhaps we could be present to one, and if not through visiting, then through notes and phone calls.  We don’t have to become a private tutor for every underserved child in our city, but perhaps we could help one.

I’ve seen first hand how much even tiny efforts can mean to someone.  Knowing someone is thinking of you and caring for you can change your life. So perhaps this Lent, in addition to the moments we spend in prayer, could we do something to make the world a better place for the people around us, in the name of Christ? He, after all, made not only just the world, but eternity, better for us.


Mo. Laura+

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