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See Complete List of Brands to Choose From (PDF)


About RaiseRight Gift Card Program

It’s a convenience for us, AND every purchase returns a percentage to St. Margaret’s, costing us only a few cents extra. A GREAT way to give a gift to the church, especially during the gifting season—two gifts in one!

Consider using these gift cards as you would cash. For example: if you know you shop at Giant every week, purchase Giant cards to use for your groceries, or if you regularly shop on Amazon, purchase Amazon cards to load to your account, etc.

How to Participate – Physical Gift Cards

  1. Janice will be taking your orders via St. Margaret’s Order Form – Click to Download. The form is a fillable PDF. You can fill it out with your information and then save or print it.
  2. Here is a PDF list of retailers to choose from or browse the brands on the RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip) website.
    *Please, remember that you may only order cards that list dollar amounts and not those with only an R or E after them.
  3. Upcoming order deadlines: 9/18/22, 11/13/22, 12/11/22, 2/5/23, 3/26/23, 5/14/23
  4. Make check payable to St. Margaret’s Church, and on the memo line write “gift card”.
  5. Mail check with order form to St. Margaret’s Church 150 Elm Street Emmaus, PA 18049.
  6. Gift cards will be distributed at church or you can coordinate pick-up/drop-off with Janice personally.
  7. Consider asking your friends & family and share on your Facebook page. Really, this is a very simple way to raise money and anyone can join!

How to Participate – Online or in the App

Another, even more convenient way to use our RaiseRight (formerly Scrip) gift card program is with the App. You can download the app and purchase an E-Gift Card at any time. No need to wait for cards to come in. You can get the RaiseRight app on your smartphone whenever you need it. It is very easy to use. You don’t have to try to remember to bring your card with you, it is right there on your phone! The Better Business Bureau gives an A+ rating.

>> Follow this link to Get Started with RaiseRight online

The most important additional piece of information you need is St. Margaret’s enrollment code.

St. Margaret’s enrollment code:

There is a minimal fee for paying through the app:

  • There is a $0.15 fee to pay for the gift cards with your bank account.
  • Or, if using a credit card there is a 2.6% processing fee.
  • These fees are standard for online shopping everywhere.

Some reviews from our Parish

“I simply walk into a store and estimate how much I’m planning on spending and voila! I purchase the gift card in the store and raise money by doing so!” – Janice

“I love being able to order gift cards with the app. I’m already going to spend the money on Amazon or Target, so it’s great that St. Margaret’s will get a cut of that. Since I have small kids and live ~25 minutes from St. Margaret’s, it’s great that I can get the eGift card sent right to my phone rather than picking them up.” – Jess

Inside the App

Here’s what the app looks like.