Groceries PLUS food bank, Emmaus PA

November Food Bank Donations

Food Bank Collection

Groceries PLUS Food Bank of Bethel Bible Fellowship is looking for these types of donations for NOVEMBER. You can drop off donations at St. Margaret’s food bank collection area. Thank you!

Critical Needs for November

– Canned chicken soup (not cream)
– Canned pineapple/ canned peaches. (15/20 oz)
– Diced Tomatoes
– Pancake mix, syrup, granola bars (6pks/box)
– Ranch dressing, BBQ sauce, Mayonnaise
– Canned frosting, sprinkles for children’s birthday cakes (new for 2024)
– VO5 Shampoo and Conditioner
– Any non-perishable food within its “use by/best by” date
– Gift cards from Aldi, Giant, Wegman’s, or Weis
– Food beyond its “use by/best by” date
– Large or family-sized items
– Clothing or household items.
Thank you!!